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Why Kit Harington was excited to play an ‘antagonistic dirtbag’ in ‘Blood for Dust’

After playing the hero on “Game of Thrones,” Harington says he finds it “more interesting looking for the f—ed up people.”

Over the course of eight years, the world came to know Kit Harington as Jon Snow, the steadfast hero at the center of Game of Thrones’ dark world. Brave and honorable to his core, Snow fought to save his family and the realm from the forces of evil, even rising from the dead to vanquish an evil zombie army.

Five years after the show ended, Harington is now starring in a very different role. In fact, the only thing the characters have in common is that they both thrive in cold weather. In Rod Blackhurst’s Blood for Dust, a neo-Western crime thriller set in snowy Montana, Harington plays Ricky, a sociopathic drug-slinging arms dealer sporting a handlebar mustache and gold chain. He stars opposite Scoot McNairy, who plays Cliff, a down-on-his-luck salesman with a checkered past. When Cliff loses his job, his old colleague Ricky pulls him back into the criminal underbelly, selling drugs and guns for a cartel.

“He’s sort of a devil-on-the-shoulder character, the antagonist who’s with you all the way through,” Harington tells Entertainment Weekly of the role. “He’s like a good-time guy in a bad world. He doesn’t want to have to face reality.”

If Ricky sounds like the polar opposite of Jon Snow, that’s just how Harington wanted it. “I rarely get the opportunity to play the Rickys of this world, the antagonistic dirtbag types, and I was excited to be presented with that opposite an actor like Scoot,” he says. “So that was the kind of pull, and then Rod, the director, had such a clear idea of what he wanted to do and had it so well planned that I just felt very much in safe hands. It felt well put together. And then it’s all about growing a big old mustache and adopting a seriously American accent.”

While Ricky presented Harington with a unique type of villain to sink his teeth into, playing the bad guy has been appealing to him in the five years since Thrones concluded. “That is seemingly what I’ve been hunting a bit,” Harington concedes. “If I look at the roles I’ve taken since playing an out-and-out hero in Game of Thrones, I have to admit there seems to be some sort of pushback about playing a hero. I’m not so interested in heroic roles, and if I am, they have to be pretty anti-hero-ish.

“My heart goes out to people playing heroes,” he continues. “They’re f—ing hard to play and to make interesting. It is more fascinating as an actor, I think, to empathize with someone deeply faulted and wrong, to try and find your way into why they are doing these things. [Playing] a guy who is doing all the right things and is driven by being good, it’s harder to do that. And I think people who do it successfully, who play classically heroic roles, are very talented actors. But at the moment, I just find it more interesting looking for the f—ed-up people.”

Blood for Dust hits select theaters and digital on April 19. [Source]

admin | Apr 22, 2024

At Milan Fashion Week, Kit Harington kickstarts his Industry revolution

The actor talks Fendi, changing fits and his next role in the world of finance bro drama

“My worst tendency, when it comes to style, is to be too classically British,” says Kit Harington over the phone from Milan, where he’s making a flying front row visit for fashion week. “Looking like a bit of an old fusty. I’ve been trying to push myself a bit more recently.”

As a certified Fendi Guy with access to the storied Roman house’s best and boldest, Harington has, over the last couple of the years, become something of an under-the-radar fit god. He’s a great wearer of trousers with a bit of volume. And then there’s adventurous tailoring that doesn’t veer into costume territory.

“I spent a long time for going for the exact same type of suit at every event I went to, much to the despair of many fashion houses. Fendi moved me out of that comfort zone. I wore a suit of theirs a couple of years ago that was very comfortable and I was happy in it, which was the start of a new phase for me.”

Part of that new-found menswear confidence arrived naturally, with a bit of age and experience. “I think I have more of of that ‘fuck it’ attitude now,” says Kit Harington. “I guess in my 20s there was a feeling of not wanting to rock the boat too much, but now I hope that my trajectory in life is to become one of those crazily dressed old people. Incredible style and hurtling towards the end of their life and thinking, ‘Why not?’ That’s the trajectory that I’m on.”

After years spent in the pressure cooker of Sunday night prestige TV, Harington is enjoying some time exploring different avenues, playing kings on stage and practicing his studiously detached front row face. “I am finding it increasingly interesting,” he says. “I’m a restless person so that intense, 10 minute performance element of a fashion show fits that feeling. It’s amazing to see how much work and creative effort goes into each side of it.”
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admin | Jan 18, 2024

A Ghost Story for Christmas: Kit Harington teases “wonderfully scary and frightful” Lot No. 249

Mark Gatiss’ adaptation of the Arthur Conan Doyle short story comes to BBC Two this Christmas, starring Kit Harington and Freddie Fox.

1881. Old College, Oxford plays host to three very different young academics: Abercrombie Smith (Kit Harington), a model of Victorian manhood, clean of limb and sound of mind; Monkhouse Lee (Colin Ryan), a delicate and unworldly student from Siam; and the strange and exotic Edward Bellingham (Freddie Fox), whose arcane research into Ancient Egypt is the talk of the campus. Could Bellingham’s unnatural experiments bring the breath of life to the horrifying bag of bones tagged Lot No.249?

An end-of-Empire chiller, Lot No. 249 stars Kit Harington, Freddie Fox, Colin Ryan, John Heffernan, James Swanton, Jonathan Rigby and Andrew Horton.

Watch A Ghost Story for Christmas: Lot No.249 on BBC Two and BBC iPlayer from 24 December at 10pm

Can you give an overview of Lot No. 249?

On the surface it’s a ripping old yarn about an Egyptian mummy terrorising an Oxford campus! Freddie Fox releases a murderous zombie and my character smells a rat and tries to stop him. But maybe once you release something like that… it can’t be put back in its box! It’s a really fun caper penned originally by Conan Doyle and made into a wonderfully scary and frightful Christmas ghost story by the marvellous Mark Gatiss.

Tell us about your character – Abercrombie Smith?

He plays with a straight bat! Very proper. Doesn’t want anything disturbing his world order. Doesn’t trust anything that’s not out of the text books of the time… he’ll stick to his phrenology and be done with it, thank you very much!

What was it like working with Mark Gatiss and your fellow cast members – Freddie Fox et al?

A dream. I have loved Gatiss and his work for a long time and I adore his series of Christmas ghost stories. Freddie is a great, kind, generous and brilliant actor. It was rapid and fun and that was what Mark promised me. Let’s get in, shoot something fun and sit around at Christmas with mince pies and watch it. What a joy.
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admin | Dec 21, 2023

Kit Harington on Making a “‘Black Mirror’ of a Climate Change Show” With ‘Extrapolations’

“It should scare you, and it will scare you, but it’s also really thought-provoking,” Harington said of Scott Z. Burns’ climate change anthology series.

When it comes to environmental storytelling, there’s several different routes a project can take. Some have opted for scaring an audience into action (like Adam McKay’s Don’t Look Up) while others have tried to Trojan horse climate messages into more uplifting fare, or take a more by-the-numbers documentary approach.

For Extrapolations, Apple TV+’s new anthology drama following eight different stories of people’s lives upended by climate change, creator Scott Z. Burns is taking inspiration from another future-looking anthology series, as star Kit Harington recalled how “Scott always described this to me as a kind of Black Mirror of a climate change show, and I think it falls in that.”

“There are thriller elements to it, there are horror elements to it and it should scare you, and it will scare you, but it’s also really thought-provoking,” Harington told The Hollywood Reporter at the show’s Los Angeles premiere on Tuesday. The star also commended the extensive research Burns put into the show, saying, “I think in time it’ll become a really historical piece; whatever anyone thinks of it now, when we fast-forward in 50 years’ time, people will be looking at this going, ‘Well, that’s what they thought would happen, they were right or they were wrong,’ and that was irresistible to me.”

Burns, who sees the climate crisis as “the most important issue of our time,” said when the show was greenlit he called up McKay — who has become a climate activist in life as well as through projects like Don’t Look Up — and “he said a really amazing thing, he said, ‘I hope that someday you and I are sitting around and there’s 10 climate change shows like there’s 10 hospital shows or 10 lawyer shows.’ So, I really hope that one of the things this will do is tell people there are stories to be made about what is happening all around us.”

As the writer of 2011’s Contagion, which many pointed to as having predicted the COVID-19 pandemic, Burns has somewhat of a reputation for seeing future crises, though he sees the two experiences differently.
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admin | Mar 16, 2023

Kit Harington REACTS to Possible Jon Snow Spin-Off Series

Kit Harington spoke to “Extra’s” Melvin Robert at the L.A. premiere of the new climate change series “Extrapolations.” He reflected on shining a light on such an important issue and the “complicated” conversations he’ll have to have with his children about the planet. He also revealed he’s seen a few episodes of the “Game of Thrones” prequel series “House of the Dragon,” though he confessed it’s hard for him to watch! Plus, he reacted to buzz about a possible Jon Snow spin-off series. “Extrapolations” is streaming on AppleTV+ March 17.

admin | Mar 15, 2023

Kit Harington on Jon Snow after Game of Thrones: ‘He’s not okay’

The actor didn’t address the Jon Snow sequel series in development, but he did talk about how the ending of Game of Thrones left his character.

Kit Harington did everything fans wanted him to do during his panel at the official Game of Thrones Convention Sunday night, just not the thing they really wished he would do, which was comment on the Jon Snow sequel series in development.

Harington remained mum on the subject. Moderators Jason Concepcion and Greta Johnsen didn’t broach the topic. Neither did the fans who lined up to ask questions during a Q&A. But the one thing Harington did talk about was where the ending of Game of Thrones left his character.

He began speaking about how the drama ended in 2019, with Jon killing Daenerys and being banished to live out his days on the Wall in the North. “I think if you asked him, he would’ve felt he got off lightly,” the actor said. “At the end of the show when we find him in that cell, he’s preparing to be beheaded and he wants to be. He’s done. The fact he goes to the Wall is the greatest gift and also the greatest curse.

“He’s gotta go back up to the place with all this history and live out his life thinking about how he killed Dany, and live out his life thinking about Ygritte [played by Rose Leslie] dying in his arms, and live out his life thinking about how he hung Olly [Brenock O’Connor], and live out his life thinking about all of this trauma, and that…” Harington paused for a brief moment. “That’s interesting,” he coyly emphasized.

“So I think where we leave him at the end of the show, there’s always this feeling of like… I think we wanted some kind of little smile that things are okay. He’s not okay,” he said.

So, yes, it’s not the official announcement fans might’ve been expecting, but it offers a glimpse into Harington’s headspace on the topic of Jon Snow’s life after the main story line.
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admin | Dec 12, 2022

Kit Harington Is Ready to Get “Gnarly” in Indie Thriller ‘Blood for Dust’

The onetime ‘Game of Thrones’ star  —  who isn’t quite caught up on ‘House of the Dragon’  —  is embracing his dark side to portray a ruthless arms dealer in the upcoming Rod Blackhurst film: “It’s fun playing a baddie.”

Kit Harington is ready to get out of his comfort zone.

After spending eight years as fan-favorite character Jon Snow on cultural phenomenon Game of Thrones, Harington is taking on a new type of role in director Rod Blackhurst’s Blood for Dust. In the action-thriller, the Eternals actor will play the film’s antagonist Ricky, an illegal weapons dealer with violent tendencies.

“I’m playing a pretty gnarly dude,” Harington tells The Hollywood Reporter about his character. “It’s not necessarily a part that I would generally get offered, and that’s quite interesting to me.”

Set to begin production in late-November, Blood for Dust follows former friends Cliff (Scoot McNairy) and Ricky, who reconnect one fateful day. In an attempt to make some quick cash, Cliff gets wrapped up in one of Ricky’s dangerous business schemes, including cross-state drug and weapons deliveries for John (Josh Lucas), a mid-level American cartel boss. When Ricky turns a simple exchange into a bloodbath to eliminate the competition, Cliff realizes his harsh new reality, in which he must fight just to stay alive.

“At the moment, and for the last couple of years, I’m trying to — and that’s another reason why I wanted to play this role — take roles that I’m a bit scared about doing,” says Harington. “It’s fun playing a baddie, I think. I spent a long time playing the epitome of a good, honest human, trying to do the right thing that everyone’s rooting for. And maybe this is a reaction to the length of time I was doing that.”

After living at the center of the Thrones zeitgeist for the show’s eight season-run, Harington says he’s drawn to the nature of independent films these days.

“It is a medium that more and more fits my life at the moment,” he says. “Having a young son, having done a TV show for a long time, the opportunity to go and play interesting, odd characters for a couple of months, here and there, is appealing to me.”
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admin | Nov 03, 2022

Kit Harington on Henry V and life after Jon Snow: ‘We need to start dealing with male anger’

As the Game of Thrones star swaps furs for modern dress to play Shakespeare’s monarch, he reflects on what the play tells us about masculinity, and how it addresses the issues that drove his struggle with addiction

When some people found out Kit Harington was playing Henry V, he says, they immediately thought of Jon Snow, the courageous moral heart of HBO’s giant hit Game of Thrones. It is still Harington’s defining role – and there are a few superficial similarities: the leadership issues, the swords, the battle; Henry’s “band of brothers” and the Night’s Watch brotherhood in the TV series. But resurrecting Snow is “definitely not what we’re going for”, says Harington, who is 35. Snow is honourable and selfless; Henry is not.

Presented at the Donmar Warehouse in London, it’s a modern staging in “an alternate universe, if the monarchy were still in charge”. Harington was “very keen not to do swords”, he says with a smile, though he seems relaxed about carrying the weight of Snow’s furs, nearly three years after the show ended. “There’s an element of me always trying to get away from that comparison, but at the same time, you’re not going to, so why try? A large portion of the audience coming to this will be fans of that show, and that’s a great thing.”

We speak over Zoom, Harington at his house in London, some good art on the walls. He met his wife, the actor Rose Leslie, on Game of Thrones and they have a baby son. There seems to be a lightness to Harington, at odds with the pensiveness that his face tends to settle into, and he is quick to make fun of himself. At one point a woman – at first I think it’s Leslie, but he says it’s her sister, Portia, who is also an actor – brings him a coffee, and he laughs and says: “That looks like I have things brought to me.”

A couple of years ago, he went to talk to the Donmar’s artistic director, Michael Longhurst, about the possibility of him working there, and suggested the play. “The more I thought about what part I’d quite like to play,” he says … then immediately stops and adds “it’s a wonderful thing to have that choice”, wary of sounding arrogant. “But the more I thought about that play, and reread it, the more I thought, ‘That’s a really interesting one for our times.’”
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admin | Feb 17, 2022

Kit Harington on ‘Eternals’ and the “Addictive Pull” on His Character

The actor also reflects on the most surprising scene featuring his character, Dane Whitman: “there are many different ways we could go with him.”

[This story contains spoilers for Eternals.]

Kit Harington still feels a bit uncertain about joining another franchise so soon after the completion of Game of Thrones, but the chance to play a compelling character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was too tempting to pass up. In Chloé Zhao‘s ambitious blockbuster, Eternals, Harington plays Dane Whitman, a caring museum worker and present-day love interest of Gemma Chan’s Sersi. The latter was once involved with Ikaris, who’s played by Richard Madden, one of Harington’s closest friends since their days as half-brothers on Game of Thrones. While Harington understands the attention surrounding their on-screen reunion, he, along with Madden, remain relatively unaffected by it.

“I’ve said this a few times, but it’s true: we really didn’t have a lot of time on set together on Game of Thrones. So it’s strange,” Harington tells The Hollywood Reporter. “Our closeness is not built in front of camera; it’s built behind camera. For fans of Game of Thrones, to see two major roles from that world in another one feels like a bigger thing than it does to me and Richard.”

While Harington doesn’t yet know the particulars of Whitman’s future, he can’t help but analyze the Eternals post-credit scene that features his character and a family heirloom.

“There is no roadmap that I know of at the moment. If they have ideas about where my character goes, I’m not privy to it,” Harington shares. “All I know is that when I came on board, they said, ‘There’s a really interesting future for this character, and if you read up about him, there are many different ways we could go with him.’ And that intrigues me. I’m fascinated by the idea that any character in any story is driven by some addiction to something. And with [Dane Whitman], it’s very palpable that this sword, this blade, has an addictive pull on him, and I find that really interesting.”

In a recent conversation with THR, Harington also discusses Zhao’s affinity for natural light and how that impacts his performance. Then he addresses the possibility of reuniting with another Thrones co-star and dear friend, Emilia Clarke, in the MCU. Continue reading  »

admin | Nov 05, 2021

Kit Harington on Trading ‘Game of Thrones’ for Marvel and Reuniting With Richard Madden

SPOILER WARNING: This story vaguely discusses a single scene in Marvel Studios’ “Eternals” that has been released by Disney, as well as a hypothetical future for Dane Whitman, Kit Harington’s character in the MCU.

After spending eight seasons as one of the leads on HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” Kit Harington decided to trade one massively popular cultural juggernaut for another, joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe in director Chloé Zhao’s “Eternals.”

Moving on from Jon Snow — the taciturn medieval warrior and erstwhile king of the North — Harington’s role in “Eternals” is Dane Whitman, a modern London bloke who happens to be dating Sersi (Gemma Chan), one of the titular Eternals, at the start of the film.

In the Marvel comics, however, Dane has more in common with Jon Snow — or, at least, a world of swords and sorcery — than Harington’s performance in “Eternals” would suggest. Dane’s family lineage stretches back to the medieval legend of King Arthur and the persona of the Black Knight, a warrior connected to the cursed Ebony Blade that bestows whoever wields it with terrific power — but at the cost of their sanity.

In the comics, Dane fights alongside the Avengers, and wrestles between heroism and villainy thanks to the cursed Ebony Blade. It’s no spoiler to note that none of that happens in “Eternals,” which casts Harington’s Dane as, in the actor’s words, “a good guy” — one of the only normal humans in a film otherwise concerned with ageless superheroes who first arrived on Earth roughly 7,000 years ago. Continue reading  »

admin | Oct 29, 2021

Kit Harington Knows All About Fandom | Marvel Studios’ Eternals Red Carpet

Kit Harington joins the Marvel Studios’ Eternals red carpet to give us an extremely, unflinchingly verbose and in-depth look at character Dane Whitman.

admin | Oct 22, 2021


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