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Oct 18
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GQ’s Best Stuff visited with the GoT star to learn about all the stuff he can’t live without (including the herbal deodorant he thinks about while gazing into the distance).

Kit Harington is a man of impeccable taste. He loves worn-in leather travel bags, he loves his worn-in flat cap he travels with everywhere, he loves his worn-in wallet with worn-out old photos of family, past and present. He likes old stuff, basically. The classics. With his time as Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow coming to an end, Harington will soon be on the lookout for something new. He sat down with GQ to discuss the things he brings everywhere.

Not Enough to Look Sharp

“The Times crossword is trickier than some of the others. I don’t do the cryptic crossword. I don’t get those. Some of my friends do. But it’s just the normal crossword, but I find it’s a bit trickier than the Guardian one and I quite like the Times newspaper. I read The Guardian on my phone all the time—I like it but that’s pretty left-leaning, and I need something that’s a bit more middle-ground just to keep me not in one bubble. I just read the Times for a bit of neutral journalism.”

A Wallet That Can’t Fit in Your Pocket

“You’ve got all sorts of stuff in here. I’ve got a play that I’m doing next in there. I’ve got a little letter from my wife. I’ve got little pictures of me with mates. You can just slip your passport in. It’s just little things. My mum bought me this for Christmas once because she knows I like old, tattered things. I also think there’s something just nice about having these bits that never change in your life, this isn’t flooded with receipts or whatever else it’s just a place for… all kinds of important stuff.”

Take Note

“I love my notebooks. I do take notes on my iPhone but I prefer writing stuff down on paper. I find it disappears on here [holds up his phone] somehow. If your whole life is on here, which it is now, it’s not marking it any different from all the old, other stuff that’s on your phone. If you’re writing ideas and things down, you want it to be on a separate entity. I think that I’d always wanna be scribbling something, even if it’s just a doodle.”

… With a Lucky Pen

“I don’t have a preferred brand, but I always have a pen, and I’ve had this one a long time. It’s just a normal pen. But, yes, a lucky pen. I’ve had it for years.”

Natural Deodorant That Actually Works

“This is a natural spray and it’s almost like an old-fashioned remedy. I don’t go anywhere without it.”

Cologne For Everywhere

“It’s a really lovely one. It’s very fresh. It’s not too heavy, especially if you like traveling around. It’s a good fresh scent. It’s not overpowering. It’s quite delicate, it’s quite sophisticated in that way. It’s not a big, weighty smell that dominates. It’s light and fresh. I think that’s what I live for. Something that’s easy.”

A Camera For Everywhere

“I love taking photos. You find yourself on set, and you’re seeing some quite extraordinary things, in some extraordinary locations, around some, sometimes, extraordinary people, doing extraordinary things. So, it’s like, why would you not have a camera to record it? And again, it’s a bit like the iPad and the phone, I know that we can all take very good photos on our phones now, possibly better than we can on cameras at times, but by having on a camera you’re reaching for something. A thing to capture a moment and become a better part of it. It’s to separate yourself from your phone actually, in many ways. I find it useful. I’ve got a couple of cameras. That one is a Canon. Classic design. I also have a Leica, which is bigger and heavier, so I don’t carry that around so much. It’s a big, weighty thing.”

Flat Caps Over Baseball Caps

“It’s obvious why you need a cap if you’re going through airports and getting recognized a bit. But, that flat cap I really like. It’s a leather flat cap. It’s waterproof, I’ve had it for ages. It’s from a hat shop in the center of London. I can’t remember. Oh! Lock & Co. Hatters. That’s just like an independent hat shop in London.”

Sweets From Across The Pond

“Listen, You gotta put those Haribo Tangfastics in the freezer. When you’re traveling, obviously, you can’t, but, always try to put them in the freezer for an hour and a half. That’s my top tip with Tangfastic. I like the coke bottles, but it’s the cherries. The cherries are the best.” [Source]

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